Escort Interview Sophie – Petite Sydney Beauty

Why did you choose to become an Escort?

I watched a film with Sasha Grey called “The Girlfriend Experience” and instantly was entranced with a life of excitement, sex, and making people happy, and owning it.

I tried the settle down relationship thing for awhile and had mediocre sex, felt insecure, thought marriage and children was the answer to life, the end goal.

Before trying escorting I did some research, wondering if it was immoral or would change me negatively somehow. Nope! I enjoy sex without feeling any shame, feel empowered, my confidence has grown and I love what I do. Most people don’t get this pleasure!

Why did you choose to work with Agency Atlantic?

Professionalism and high standards. I started with another agency who’s work ethics weren’t in line with mine.  Although I appreciate the experience I gained through them, and do have some great memories and friendships from there. A friend had highly recommended Atlantic, and I haven’t looked back!

Why have you stayed with Agency Atlantic and not become a private / independent escort?

I tried private work for a short period and it was not for me. Agency Atlantic provides safety, marketing, screening, mentoring and a positive work environment with amazing girls.

With a full time career as well, I am lucky to choose when I work, and Sarah respects discretion. Discretion and safety are non-negotiables. Everything else is a plus 🙂

What are some of your turn-ons?

Anyone who can make me laugh! If you smell amazing I will be weak at the knees. Also hearing someone’s dirty stories they can’t tell to anyone else! It’s exciting and something I can relate to.

And your turn-offs?

Poor hygiene, disrespect, lack of compassion.

A client is in town and fancies a night out on the town; Where do you take him?

Toko or Clair’s Kitchen for dinner. If he wants a big night, it would go R rated somewhere naughty and I shouldn’t go into too much detail here.

If we are spending the night together and he’s exhausted from work or travel, a long full body massage for him (my favorite) before sleep.

How often do you travel, and what’s your favourite place to visit?

Not enough! I love Bali, especially Ubud, for the yoga retreats and the calm spiritual vibe.

In Australia, Melbourne is easily my favourite city to visit.

Where would you love to go next?

Japan is next!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Melbourne! Great coffee, art, friendlier people than in Sydney in my experience. I’ve lived in America and couldn’t live overseas again, I like to be close to family and friends.

3 things you can’t live without?

  1. A great book
  2. My bed
  3. My dog

What’s your favourite type of rendezvous?

I have a dirty mind and it’s too R rated to elaborate; but a sexy man, and one of my girlfriends with a hotel room for the night. It’s a delicacy.

Top 3 tips for clients to ensure they have a great time with you

  1. Be yourself! You don’t need to act a certain way just because I’m an escort
  2. Be honest about what you enjoy, if you’re really not sure tell me and we’ll find out together.
  3. General hygiene and pride in how you present yourself! Simple effort goes a long way.

Sydney has so many great restaurants. Name your top 5

  1. Toko
  2. Spice Temple
  3. Clair’s Kitchen
  4. Black at the Star
  5. Glass Brasserie

Which feature do others compliment you on the most?

Smile, closely followed by cheekbones.

Do you genuinely enjoy longer bookings?

Absolutely. More time to indulge, relax, not look at the time.

What’s your favourite cuisine?


Favourite cocktail?


What type of events do you enjoy?

Art exhibitions, stand up comedy, markets, anything involving food, anywhere with great live music.

What sports activities do you do?

NRL, to watch not participate haha. Not the sportiest of people, but I think sex should be included as a sport activity. That’s my favourite form of exercise. Yoga is my main form of exercise if that’s a sport 🙂

Is there a charity that is dear to you?

Amnesty, human rights and the people who persist in helping devastating situations.

Who or what bores you?

Boring people…which to me is someone with no interests or individuality.

What is your most memorable escort booking?

Hard to choose; but a very respectful, flirtatious client booking dinner at my favorite restaurant (not knowing it was my favourite!) lots of cocktails, sharing our dirtiest secrets and talk about what we wanted to do afterwards. Incredible sex followed 🙂

What is your favourite quote?

“In 20 Years, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do, more than the things you did do”

Being an escort is about giving, but it is also about receiving. What is one of your favourite intimacies your client can do for you?

Being genuine and following up on what they say. Sounds cheesy I know, but someone giving their realness, and actually committing to something simple they promised is rare in this industry.

How do you spend you down time.  What’s your idea of relaxation?
My top 3 as a workaholic:

  1. Walking my dog
  2. Time alone reading
  3. Beach walk with my best friend

Do you have plans to tour with Atlantic?

None confirmed currently but watch this space!

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