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Atlantic News May 2018


I hope you are well 🙂

It’s been a crazy, stressful month for me with the closure of backpage & many other sites due to new US legislation.

I was supposed to be on annual leave having a nice sunny break but instead, I have been working and stressing out.

There is so much yet unknown about how these laws could affect Atlantic and our website but fingers crossed we’ll be fine.

Twitter has started doing this thing called Shadowbanning which essentially stops it from being useful for daily promotion as we are often hidden. There is talk that Twitter may disallow us with new terms soon, same goes for WhatsApp & possibly even our website address as it’s a .com

There is a lot of speculation at the moment and not a lot of facts but I still need to be prepared just in case. So much extra work and expense for absolutely no reason, haha!

My greedy web company want to charge ridiculous money to move my hosting from the US to the UK so instead, I am working on creating a website that I will host in Australia. I have seriously considered just closing Atlantic but I love my job and I would miss you guys

Anyways, moving on to more fun things; Upcoming tours 🙂


Cathy Heaven is in Dubai until May 3 – I am able to take meetings for her as I am in Asia Cathy Heaven is available for Incalls for members and hotel outcalls available to members & non-members. I am contactable via WhatsApp +61 406 621 001

Asia Escort Tours

Singapore, Hong Kong, KL, Bangkok & Shanghai

Non-members please phone +852 8179 9500 – members can WhatsApp +61 406 621 001

Olivia is in Hong Kong today and available until late May 5Kim is in Hong Kong too and available until late May 4

Kim & Olivia are available for doubles May 1-4 for both incall and outcall
Incalls are available in Causeway Bay or outcall to your hotel. Members are able to have home visits as well

Olivia will be in Bangkok May 14-17

Bianca is visiting Kuala Lumpur May 7-9 and Singapore May 10-12

Alexis has postponed her tour to Hong Kong but I have a fantastic replacement 🙂

Kara is a lady I know from Dubai & London, Kara is awesome! Kara is heading to:

  • Shanghai 4 pm May 9 until late May 12
  • Hong Kong 4 pm May 13 until late May 15
  • Singapore 4 pm May 19 until Late May 22

Also, my friend Trans Ivana is based in Asia until June; if you are looking for someone who is a bit different and a lot of fun check out her webpage. Ivana is currently in Hong Kong then heading to Singapore

Members wishing to book via SMS or WhatsApp please remember all meetings require the same information:

  • Your name
  • Your membership username
  • The lady you wish to meet
  • The date, time and length of the meeting
  • Location (incall or outcall) if outcall I need the hotel details
  • If you have any requests to be passed to the lady please let me know those too. Dress request or request for extra’s

If you are not a member please phone using either +852 8179 9500 or +61 406 621 001 (no WhatsApp or SMS please)

I hope to bring you happy news and more exciting tours in my next newsletter

Thank you for your ongoing support of Atlantic

Until next month

Take Care

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